Courtyard Crank

3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Living
Dwelling size: 170m2
From $680,000

3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Living
Dwelling size: 195m2
From $780,000

The Courtyard Crank puts the garden front and centre as the focus of the home with all internal spaces maintaining a clear connection with outdoors and nature.

Featuring a central garden in the building footprint provides amenity—allowing direct sunlight to brighten all living spaces while providing a green outlook from all rooms—as well as a practical answer to a private and protected outdoor area in all types of sites and contexts.

The ‘cranked’ wing further opens the house up to its surroundings, allowing the spaces to capture more sunlight and increase the view arc from the kitchen/meals areas to the landscapes beyond.

On an expansive rural site, the courtyard design provides a defined and secluded garden space within the vast surrounding landscape. In an urban setting, the courtyard design provides a secluded outdoor space – a private oasis in the city or suburbs.

Available in a single or double storey option.

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