Being a design & building company means we can work with you through the entire journey of creating your new home – from concept development to handing over the keys.

When you work with The Sociable Weaver to create your dream home, there are two options.

Option One: You can work with our in-house architects to design your own custom home.

Or, Option Two: You can pick one of our existing designs as a starting point and we can work with you to make it just right for you and your family.

Custom Designed Homes

The Sociable Weaver homes are architecturally designed and utilise innovative passive solar to create energy efficiency all year round, resulting in reduced power bills and carbon emissions. We place great emphasis on clever design principles that interact with the environment, use natural and recycled materials, and reflect sustainable building practices within the community.

Designing a Home With Us

Custom Designs

Creating a custom home with The Sociable Weaver will see you working closely with one of our designers to illuminate your aspirations for the space, we’ll spend time getting to know you and developing a deep understanding of how you live in your home. You can expect a collaborative process through all three stages: concept designs, town planning and construction documentation. Once you’re happy with the design it’s time to start the build and we’ll handover internally to our construction team.

Pre-Designed Homes

Over time, we’ve designed a number of sustainably focused, malleable home designs that can be tailored to suit your needs. Starting with one of the designs featured here, we’ll work with you to have the design drafted up ready for building permit application, and we’ll put together a specification and prepare the construction contract. Once the design is ready to go, we’ll hand over internally to our construction team.

Our initiatives

Carbon Positive Vision

Our vision is for all Sociable Weaver homes to be carbon positive. And by leading the way, we strive to educate the industry on carbon positive building, with the vision of all new homes, industry-wide, being carbon positive by 2050.

Zero Waste Philosophy

Currently, over 90% of our construction waste is recycled with a goal to recycle 100% of our construction waste by 2020. We live on and in a closed ecological system called planet Earth, where all waste from one process becomes food for another.

300 Trees Initiative

By planting at least 300 trees for every project we are helping restore natural ecosystems and regenerating the timber we use for our buildings on site. The Sociable Weaver team believe in giving back to the Earth, not just taking from her. We ensure that the trees for each project are planted in a suitable habitat and encourage our clients to join us for tree planting events.

300kg Initiative

To protect and preserve the coastlines our staff and clients enjoy, we remove at least 300 kilograms of coastal pollution from Australian beaches every year. We work with Clean Coast Collective to run beach clean ups and invite our clients to join us. All waste removed is recorded for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, assisting efforts to develop source reduction policies and initiatives.

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