3 Bed 2.5 Bath 2 Living
Dwelling size: 150m2
From $615,000 ex. GST

Inspired by the lush ground cover of ferns, this low-profile home blends into its surroundings, giving hierarchy to the landscape and sheltering from the elements.

This three bedroom home steps down into a large double height, light filled living and dining space, creating separation between living and sleeping spaces. The large living area is broken up by a double-sided fireplace to create different zones for a family to use, creating connection with a sense of privacy when needed.

The layout can be oriented to capture views to the east, while still maximising north-facing windows for passive solar performance. Bedrooms along the west of the home are protected with thermal mass, each with views out to the courtyard.

Fern has been designed with concrete blockwork and timber cladding, but the facade can be changed to suit any client’s taste or the locations surrounding landscape.

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