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affordable architecture inspired by nature


The Sociable Weaver is a design and building company that builds healthy, sustainable, community-minded homes that are functional and inspiring. Designed thoughtfully by our architects, our homes encourage connection to nature,  community, family, friends and, most importantly, to ourselves. 

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Environmental responsibility informs every decision we make from our building materials to our building processes. This is not only about positively impacting the planet and increasing energy efficiency in our homes, it’s about connecting residents to nature, awakening their senses, and promoting a healthier, more balanced state of mind and wellbeing.


We’re interested in creating homes and streetscapes that open people up to one another, that cultivate meaningful relationships while still allowing residents to find the solitude they need in their daily lives. Like the nests built by the Sociable Weaver a bird found on the plains of Africa, our homes foster a sense of belonging — connecting residents to their environment, their community and ultimately themselves.

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We believe beauty and the aesthetic world play a powerful role in igniting the human spirit and inspiring us to action. When created well, spaces should captivate and move us, maybe even change our heartbeat. That’s what we aspire to do: to create beautiful homes, upholding craftsmanship that stands the test of time. 

Leading the change

The Sociable Weaver is a national thought-leader in sustainable and innovative design. We believe living, breathing eco-homes that are carbon positive and integrated with nature should be the new norm. That’s why we’re committed to making our work accessible for a range of homebuyers. We want to witness a massive transformation in our urban environment in the next five years and see ourselves as educators and leaders in this change.