Tea Tree

3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Living
Dwelling size: 160m2
From $840,000 ex. GST (not including decking)

Tea Tree is inspired by natural yearning to connect to the natural world—this is a home that uses nature to calm our nerves and excite our senses. Wrapped in rammed earth walls, with beautiful Tea Tree screening, this home reminds us that we are part of this planet and ecosystem.

Built across two storeys, the home minimises its footprint allowing nature to be the main star on the block. The design also implements biomimicry principles, and on the right block could perform as a carbon positive home.

The north-facing floor plan, with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs, allows for all rooms to be bathed in natural light. This clever design also maximises the potential for passive solar heating during winter.

Tea Tree is a home designed to sit within the natural landscape for over 200 years.

03 9068 3030 info@thesociableweaver.com.au
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