Across the semi-arid plains of Southern Africa, some of the most spectacular structures ever built by a tiny bird are perched on top of huge trees and electrical power lines. These carefully constructed nests reach heights of up to four metres, with as many as four or five hundred teeny tiny birds inhabiting them at one time. Woven together with twigs, stems, sticks, dried grasses and so on, they feature interconnected public and private spaces. These dwellings nest several generations of birds at a time and withstand extreme temperatures, from extreme cold to very very hot, across hundreds of years. They are resilient, high-density communities, built to belong by this incredibly intelligent bird species: The Sociable Weaver.

As designers and builders, we’re inspired by the workings of this bird, The Sociable Weaver, and the great thought and intention they bring to creating long-lasting, healthy, happy, community-oriented homes. We too work with the natural world, building homes and structures that are regenerative and aesthetically inspiring, and that foster a sense of belonging for everyone who inhabits the space. We are not only interested in creating homes; we are interested in creating a new way of being — one that inspires a richer, more meaningful experience for the inhabitant, and has a positive impact on the world in which we live.  

The Sociable Weaver brings high-quality architectural homes to the housing market in Australia. A partnership between Dave Martin of Martin Builders and purpose-driven investment company Small Giants, The Sociable Weaver comes with more than 15 years of award-winning, game-changing experience in the building industry. Our homes are practical and economical. They’re thoughtfully designed for a range of price points, so that more and more buyers can access beautiful, functional, environmentally conscious homes.

The Sociable Weaver is built on family values of love, care and support, and extends these values to each and every client.  

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Over 90% of our construction waste is recycled with a goal to recycle 100% by 2020. We create homes that are either carbon neutral or carbon positive, and we place strong emphasis on building biology to create a healthy home. Along with Feng Shui design principles, permaculture integration, recycling processes, accessibility and more, our homes are thoughtfully considered in every possible way.



We are driven by quality and integrity in everything we do. Taking a professional yet personal approach to all projects, we work in close collaboration with our valued clients to achieve your desired design outcomes within your budget, yet always aiming to exceed expectations.

We are not just designers and builders. Our team has a diverse range of industry and personal skills to produce high quality work that goes above and beyond construction.

And our work doesn’t stop at the handover of keys. We provide holistic healthy living advice through our Nesting Guide initiative to inspire your journey, whilst positively impacting the social, environmental and financial wellbeing of you and your family.



300 TREE INITIATIVE – By planting at least 300 trees for every project we are helping restore natural ecosystems and regenerating the timber we use for our buildings on site. The Sociable Weaver team believe in giving back to the Earth, NOT just taking from her. We ensure that the trees for each project are planted in a suitable habitat and encourage our clients to join us for tree planting events.

ZERO WASTE PHILOSOPHY – Currently, over 90% of our construction waste is recycled with a goal to recycle 100% of our construction waste by 2020. We live on and in a closed ecological system called planet Earth, where all waste from one process becomes food for another. We aim to replicate this in our business and eliminate all landfill from our business by 2020.

CARBON POSITIVE – Our mandate: all Sociable Weaver homes will be carbon positive by 2020. And by leading the way, we strive to educate the industry with the goal of helping ensure all new homes, not only built by us, but industry-wide will be carbon positive by 2020.

SUSTAINABLE APPRENTICESHIP – We integrate training and education into our teams' personal and professional life, providing an Apprenticeship program that offers not only trade skills, but also life skills.



In the community, we support organisations that are committed to providing experiences that foster improved health, wellbeing and a deeper connection to our natural world. A portion of every project is donated to a cause of our clients choosing, and we will be developing further community engagement programs that share our knowledge and passion for building design, construction, future thinking and connection to Nature.