10 Star, Carbon Positive, Zero waste, Energy positive, Healthy home

"The first place to start is to define that this is not a home but a new way to live in a supportive healthy & happy environment."

The Sociable Weaver's Butterfly House brings leading innovation in sustainability, waste management, nature and wellness (mind and body health) into the market. Doing so without compromise on integrity or ideals.

Currently under construction at The Cape Eco-Village the core values of The Butterfly House are:

  • Architectural Design
  • Energy Efficiency & Waste
  • Health, Lifestyle, Emissions & Reductions
  • Onsite Care for the Environment
  • Eco monitoring of the home

1. Architectural Design Considerations:

  • Reduced size with multi functional living
  • Modular joinery, walls and furniture
  • Low tech
  • Efficient and common construction methods
  • Centralise services
  • Feng Shui inspired

2. Energy Efficiency and Waste:

  • Energy Positive - home produces more energy that it needs, offsetting other homes and impacts of the industry
  • Reduce or replace mechanical systems with natural systems
  • Electrical and data strategic wiring with isolating green switch to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation and excess standby power usage.
  • Grey water system collects and recycles water rather than going to ocean outfall.
  • Recycling in the home is encouraged, whilst construction waste is re-used, recycled or composted on site.


    3. Health & Lifestyle:

    • We have undertaken a Building Biology review to ensure our materials are non-toxic to our health
    • We select materials that have low, neutral or a positive impact on the environment.
    • Permaculture inspired landscaping
    • Ongoing education through The Nesting Guide, a wellness portal which is the ultimate tool for living well everyday.
    • Energy efficient appliances used throughout.

    4. Onsite Environmental Care:

    • All materials coming onto site will have zero packaging as requested by of suppliers.
    • Nominated wash bins allow solid waste to settle whilst washing in clean water. A shallow hole with geo textile fabric filter allows water to drain whilst collecting sediment from concrete and paint.
    • Nominated site delivery areas, covered stockpiles for sand and soil reduce run-off and loss of material from strong winds.
    • Site entry and delivery stations involve crushed rock and timber cross over barriers.

     5. Eco monitoring of the home:

    As some of the products and systems we have used are hard to quantify in a standard rating program, we will monitor the homes performance in a practical day living scenario in the following areas:

    • Energy usage and Thermal performance
    • Practicality and Liveability
    • Maintenace of the home
    • Air quality
    • Emotion of the home