etool life cycle design

Life Cycle Design is an integrative design method that uses life cycle assessment to assess every single impact aspect of a product or process over its entire life span. This approach is sometimes referred to as “cradle to cradle” if it accounts for full recycling or “cradle to grave” if it ends in disposal.

For the built environment, life cycle assessment allows us to quantify and measure all aspects of the environmental impacts of your project, and identifies the hotspots that can be improved.

Life Cycle Design & Assessment:

  • Ensures a genuinely sustainable and high performance outcome for your project;
  • Quantifies and measures your design and takes the guess-work out of sustainable building ;
  • Identifies important areas of improvement for your design.

At The Sociable Weaver, we integrate life cycle design at the earliest stage of your design to ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible.