clare cousins architects

Established in 2005, Clare Cousins Architects is a design focused architecture practice based in Melbourne.

Teaming up with The Sociable Weaver to create a product range that was inspiring and affordable, and proving that innovative construction methods can create versatile floor plans to suit any lifestyle.

Clare Cousins Architects are aligned with our values, sharing our belief in quality over quantity, and that materials and space can change the experience of a place.

Together we design and build buildings that are energy efficient, space efficient, and cost efficient whilst taking into deep consideration how the building responds to it's environment and surroundings.

Clare Cousins Architects is also unique in that they love sharing ideas with colleagues, whilst learning new ways of approaching things thus strengthening the architecture community, as well as mentoring the next generation of architects. Their work flows into the areas of landscape, interior and furniture design, and they are strong collaborators with builders, landscapers, furniture makers, graphic designers and consultants.

Clare Cousins Architects embodies the love of the Architectural process; from design to construction and the many stages in between and we are thrilled to have them as part of The Sociable Weaver family.

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