Branch Studio Architects are an award-winning architecture practice based in Melbourne. A design- intensive studio, our projects are engrained and developed from a series of ideas that seek to enrich each individual project. The Sociable Weaver has provided us with an opportunity to expand on an established stream within our practice which explores our interests in sustainability, build-ability and affordable architectural design.

Connection with nature is an important theme within our work and we have used raw, natural materials, integrated courtyard spaces, filtered natural light and facade operability to help blur the boundary between indoors and outside. We approached the different typologies within our range as a ‘family’ of designs and although sharing many common elements, they are also unique responses to the fundamental framework of sustainability, affordability and holistic housing promoting happy and healthy living through innovative design.



Box Single and Box Double

Courtyard Crank Single and Courtyard Crank Double

Courtyard Square Single and Courtyard Square Double

Linear Single and Linear Double